Before and After Dental Photos – Smile Makeovers Leoti, KS

This patient had small teeth with large gaps in between the teeth. We placed eight veneers on the top teeth to create a beautiful natural smile.

This patient has heavily stained teeth due to excessive Fluoride in the water supply. To correct the staining we used the abrasion technique with take-home bleach; for a beautiful result.

This patient was unhappy with the way his existing crown and bridge work looked. We placed a combination of crowns, bridges, and veneers to give him a new, whiter, brighter and better-shaped smile.

This patient had “shadow boxes” on the front teeth, to give the patient a more attractive smile, we placed four crowns on these teeth.

This patient did not like the crowded, discoloration of her teeth. We placed eight crowns on the top teeth to give her a straight white smile.

These patients front teeth were chipped and not the color he was wanting. To fix this problem we placed crowns throughout his mouth, giving his teeth the shape and color he was wanting.